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Wind Chimes
Drift off to a world of peace and tranquility with our handcrafted wind chimes. 
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Want something custom made?
Pegasus Chimes
Our tiny equine friend, the Pegasus, flies high over a string of 7 aluminum chimes. Soar away on the wings of his beautiful music!

Please choose a color using the drop-down menu at right:
Unicorn Chimes
Gallop away to fantasy land to the sound of your very own Unicorn chimes. The felt saddle on these beauties can be customized with the name of your choosing!


Pegasus Chimes
Unicorn Chimes
Name on Saddle:
Dragon Chimes
Soaring over the delicate music is our three dimensional
Dragon. Below the four aluminum chimes and striker hangs a
wooden shield you can personalize in a design of your own

Body is 8" x 6" and wings are 8" x 3"
Please choose a color and specify shield name:
Name on Shield:
Dragon Chimes, Green
Dragon Chimes, White
All of our products are
proudly Made in America
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