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Safety Information
When we design and build our toys, we think about how children will play with them and what
could go wrong. For example, all our toy swords are created with glue instead of nails; it makes
them safer if they are ever struck hard enough to break. All our paints and colors are non-toxic*, 
and while we don't recommend letting your child chew on them, we know it happens and we
want your kids to be safe.

We feel that our "Safety First" philosophy sets us apart from other toy makers. Lead paint used on toys made in China has made many headlines, and parents are rightly concerned about lead poisoning. Cheap toys are less expensive, but that doesn't make them better...and certainly not safer! Here at Wooden Dragon Toy Company, we consider it a privilege to create toys that inspire imaginations, and we take our role in child safety very seriously.

PLEASE NOTE: While we make our toys as safe as possible, we do ask you to use common sense with your children, and we recommend that you supervise them during play. While they won't cut themselves with one of our toy daggers, kids should not be encouraged, or even allowed, to use our toys in an unsafe manner. We do everything in our power to watch out for your kids, and we ask that you do your part, too.

If you ever have a question or suggestion about one of our toys—before or after a sale—we encourage you to Contact Us. We love hearing from our customers and will do our best to answer any and all questions. 


Cat Lamson
Owner, The Wooden Dragon Toy Company

*Wooden Dragons uses Krylon Kid's Tuff paint, and according to the manufacturer, "Krylon Kid's Tuff is made specifically for children's furniture, cribs, and toys...based on results of comparative studies and the chemicals used in the Kid's Tuff, we know the dry film to be non-toxic (the sum of the ingredients used in the Kid's Tuff are non-toxic)."
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