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Fling small objects up to 4 feet with our tabletop
catapult, constructed from solid wood, powered
by ye olde rubber bands, and featuring a sturdy wire

Children should only use our catapult with adult supervision. We don't want to see any fingers get caught or "inappropriate" projectiles thrown!


Why not launch some mini wooden cows and sheep to add excitement to that castle siege?

Our Mini Wooden Cows and Sheep are not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Only $2.00 each!
Please choose cows or sheep using the drop-down menu at right:
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Want something custom made?
Castle in a Bag
Every warrior needs a fortress to protect or attack! Build your own with this 33-piece set. Includes 4 custom turret pieces. Canvas carry bag converts into play area. Moat and drawbridge pre-drawn with permanent markers.

Safe for most kids except the smallest who might swallow (or try to swallow) a piece.

Castle in a Bag
Let's Go Fishin'
This kit comes rolled up like a sleeping bag and opens out to two separate "ponds."
Stock it with our wooden fish (8 are included in the set: 4 small and 4 large) and your favorite little fisherman is ready to go after the BIG one (which no doubt will get away!). It's fishing anytime, anywhere.

"Catching" a fish with the magnetic "hook" (actually just a 1" bar magnet, not a hook at all) placed inside the bobber and strung on the pole (2 are included) teaches young ones eye-hand coordination, counting, and the patience only "real" fishermen have!

Also includes two wicker creels (baskets) to carry the catch home (just like Grandpa's).

Our Let's Go Fishin' Play Kit is not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Let's Go Fishin'
Animal Type:
Cows & Sheep
All of our products are
proudly Made in America
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