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Ye Olde Treasure Map
Aye maties! We've found it after searching high and
low, a treasure trove of...treasure maps? We've laid
our hands on a stash of maps that might be a bit hard
to follow, but with patience and fortitude your little
pirate will prevail. Each map is hand drawn with a whimsical and sometimes downright silly design, then distressed to add that proper "ye olde" feeling. Just like treasure troves, no two are alike!

Pirate's Cove
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Compass that Never Points North
The faithful Pirate knows how to follow the path to his or her hearts desire, yet with this compass it could be a bit tricky. This is the Compass that Never Points North—but that's not a problem unless North is where you're going! Encased in its own wooden box with burned and stamped details, this compass
will help you find your path to adventure.

All of our products are
proudly Made in America
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When sailing the open seas in search of who-knows-what, every well-equipped pirate needs the ability to spy out things far away. A classic spyglass is one of those necessities, although it is only for pretend play. Made of hand-sewn leather with two pieces of Plexiglas® embedded at each end, it's decorated with hand-drawn gold-tone filigree.

Our Spyglass measures 7" long. 

Don't forget to sail over to our Weaponry
page for a Pirate's Cutlass to fight off those treasure-stealing rival pirates!
Pirate's Cutlass
Ye Olde Treasure Map
Treasure Chest, Ye Olde Treasure Map, and Treasure
Deluxe Compass that Never Points North
For experienced pirates, this deluxe, 6-sided beastie comes with a hanger for suspension from a belt or sash. Nestled in a luxurious velvet interior, it waits to be consulted so it can guide the worthy seafarer on the path that must be taken. Of course, it never points North, which is fine as long as you're traveling in any other direction!

Please choose a velvet color using the drop-down menu at right:
Velvet Color:
Deluxe Compass
"Avast me hearties! You don't truly mean to be leavin' yer treasure lyin' about for just anyone to see or perhaps steal, do ya?" A good pirate keeps their treasure safe and hidden. I have just such a vessel befittin' Treasure such as yers. This beauty is made of Alder Wood from right here in the Pacific Northwest. It's bound and hinged with leather, has rope handles, and is glued and doweled together. The dimensions of this gem are: 6 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" , it weighs in at 1 1/2 pounds and has a rustic burned surface for that wonderful aged look.

Our Treasure Chest is available in 3 sizes.

Please choose a size using the drop-down menu below:
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
Custom Treasure Chests
For some pirates, a custom treasure chest is required. Our beautiful custom treasure chests feature authentically-styled hardware, burned details, rope handles, and gorgeous curved lids. We offer optional removable tray and slatted "squirrel cage" in the lid for those small or delicate items that need to remain on top. Squirrel cage folds down for easy loading and and up for convenient travel, locking in place with a toggle latch. Let us design and make a treasure chest for your specific needs!

Custom treasure chests are made to your specifications, so pricing will vary.

Custom Treasure Chest
35" H x 20" L Custom Treasure Chest
Custom Treasure Chest
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"Watch out for that alligator!" Tired of being the hero of
Neverland? Take your turn as the baddest baddie around, the
dreaded Captain Hook. Our classic black hook hand is crafted
from black leather and wood glue and trimmed in lace.
It has a solid birch dowel hand-grip for easy control.

Our Cap'n Hook's Hook measures 9" long with a 4" diameter

Cap'n Hook's Hook
Cap'n Hook's Hook
Cap'n Hook's Hook
Every good pirate needs booty for their treasure chest and we have just the thing! Bags of handcrafted solid wood "gold" coins, "jewels" and a "gold" chain. Each hand-sewn, brightly colored bag contains:
  • 5 (2 1/4" x 1/4") Birch wood coins, painted with gold non-toxic paint, and stamped with the ancient Maltese cross design
  • 5 acrylic jewels
  • 1 (6") gold-tone chain.

Our Bag-o-Booty is not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Each hand-sewn, brightly colored Bag-o-"Gold" or "Silver" contains 10 (2" x 1/8") Birch wood coins, painted with gold or silver non-toxic paint, and stamped with the ancient Maltese cross design.

Our Bag-o-"Gold" or "Silver" is not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Please choose a coin color using the drop-down menu at right:
​Made with gold-tone links, this chain will add that bit of panache to your little swashbuckler's stash. Combine it with our other Pirate's Treasure and hide it all in one of our Treasure Chests!

Our "Gold" Chain measures approximately 24" long.

Our "Gold" Chain is not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Bag-o-"Gold" or "Silver"
"Gold" Chain
"Gold" Chain
The most successful pirates would collect not just coins and wearable treasure, a.k.a. jewelry, but gold and silver bars, too. Bouillon is heavy, so make sure your ship doesn't sink! Our Bars-o-"Gold" and "Silver" are filled with non-toxic sand for authentic-feeling weight, painted with gold or silver non-toxic paint, and stamped with the ancient Maltese cross design.

$5.00 each
Please choose a color using the drop-down menu at right:
Bar-o-"Gold" or "Silver"
A must for any self-respecting pirate, our String-o-"Pearls" will complete your seafarer's wearable treasure collection!

Our String-o-"Pearls" measures approximately 24" long.​

Our String-o-"Pearls" is not appropriate for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

Arrrgh! I've got two!